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The Dewar Gang Alarm (DGA) is a compact, loud audible alarm device that provides an economical and practical solution for labs with multiple storage units. Individual freezers or dewars may not have alarm signals loud enough to be heard at a distance. Connecting the individual freezer alarms to a single DGA will provide a loud signal in the event any of the freezers should go into an alarm condition. Wiring can extend long distances to allow placement of the DGA in another room or on another floor of a building. The DGA can also be used to indicate door openings and closings.

  • Alarm initiates by closure of any alarm relay using 2 wires
  • 3 sets of connection terminals for multiple alarm relays
  • Easy to test by shorting opposite terminals
  • Lightweight ABS plastic enclosure (3.5"H x 2.25"W x 1.5"L) houses 9-volt battery and alarm beeper
  • Mountable on most surfaces using included velcro strips or wall mount screws



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