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4-20 mA Output - "Option Boards"

4-20 mA

The green connector provides 4-20 mA outputs for temperature, and liquid nitrogen levels. A "status" LED is to the left.

The back of the unit provides for power input (12 VDC, 3a.) and two "cryowire" digital inputs from the freezer.


4-20 mA

Mounting options include DIN rail as shown above.


Capacitive Probes

Capacitive Probe

Capacitive Probe technology coupled with state-of-the-art communication technology provide gas suppliers and users easy and precise monitoring of supply tank levels. This allows users a fuller utilization of their LN2 supplies as well as more efficient supply scheduling.

Probes are available in various lengths and mounting fittings to accommodate any manufacturer's LN2 supply tanks. Contact Pacer for your application.


Oxygen Monitors

Oxygen Monitor

Safety for your personnel working with LN2 storage must always be a prime concern. PureAire oxygen monitors provide the ultimate in assuring safe oxygen levels in labs and storage spaces.



Pacer offers numerous options in its "Mini" line to enable data movement into and out of "control area networks", (CAN). Data moved need not be limited to cryo temperatures, levels, alarms, etc. Among the separate "Mini" units available are:

  • #115 - Serial data to CAN
  • #116 - CAN hub
  • #117 - CAN to Ethernet
  • #119 - Thermocouple to CAN
  • #120 - Relay input to CAN
  • #121 - Power to CAN
  • #122 - USB device to CAN
  • #123 - USB host to CAN
  • #124 - Serial to Ethernet

Contact Pacer for application assistance.

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